For your car

The Q tag is a reliable geolocation box capable of withstanding extreme conditions (resistant to temperatures, vibrations, …). Designed and developed by Viasat Connect in Belgium, it communicates data in real time to your smartphone.

For your motorcycle

The motorcycle Q tag is a small waterproof geolocation box with an integrated battery. It is specially designed to consume little energy which is important for motorcycles.


The tracker is directly connected to the battery in your car or motorbike. It comes equipped with a SIM card that communicates in real time and a GPS, so it can give its location.

We take care of everything!

1. Fill in the purchase order and send it by e-mail to:

2. You will receive an order confirmation and a request for payment by e-mail

3. Once the payment has been received, an approved installer will arrange to come to your house or a garage of your choice


You always know exactly where your vehicle is

Your position and the position of your vehicle on the map

Travel by foot from your position to your vehicle 

Your position on the map

Your vehicle on the map

Your position AND that of your vehicle on the map


You always know exactly where your vehicle is

  • View your journeys on your smartphone
    (Google Maps) in real time and keep a
    history of your routes
  • Find out the distance traveled, the time,
    as well as the average and maximum speed
    of all your journeys


Engine shutdown activation

  • Remotely activate a device preventing
    starting your vehicle.
  • In the event of theft, a central monitoring station
    approved will use Q functionality to
    help the police find your
    car *.

Reliability and simplicity

  • Low power consumption: ideal for oldtimers (12V) and motorcycles
  • An internal battery ensures communication even if the battery is disconnected
  • User-friendly and intuitive application
  • System designed and manufactured in Belgium