Because you love your car

  • Hidden in your car, the Q-Unit permanently calculates its position and movements thanks to the GPS receiver and accelerometer.
  • The Unit is equipped with an international SIM card and sends all information in real time to your Smartphone or tablet iOS / Android.
  • That way you always know where your vehicle is exactly.
  • You don’t remember where your vehicle is parked? The application that you downloaded on your smartphone can guide you to it.


Because you love to drive

  • Visualize your routes on your Smartphone (Google Maps) in real time and keep a history of your route
  • Discover the number of kilometers traveled, the time and the average and maximum speed of all your journeys


Because you want the best protection ...

Receive notifications:

  • If your vehicle is lifted
  • When the ignition is turned on
  • When the battery is low or when it is disconnected

Remotely activate the function that prevents your vehicle from restarting.

Visualize the position of your vehicle around your smartphone / tablet at any time

In the event of theft, a certified emergency center will use the Q functions to help the police find your vehicle.


System Q is an anti-theft system that is not certified by Incert, but is accepted by several insurance companies (Vivium, Generali, P&V etc.) as long as the purchase price of your vehicle is below €85,000 excl. VAT. If your insurer insists that you have a certified anti-theft system, do not hesitate to contact us

Price and features

TT Anti-Theft System

€ 391 per year excl. VAT

The TT system means the driver has to confirm their identity. If you forget, the surveillance centre will call you or your partner (a fairly intrusive procedure).

Anti-Theft Q.Love.Drive.Protect

€ 98 per year excl. VAT

System Q lets you activate a preventative engine cut-out, which makes a theft very difficult.

The subscription Q includes

Toegang tot de Q-App via
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Storing your data on our servers for 3 months. In addition, the history of all your routes traveled is also kept.

The GPRS connection between the Q-Box and the mobile application

Connection to a certified surveillance center in case of theft *

* Paid service on request. Together with the police, this will help you find your vehicle. 

Access all information about your vehicle, wherever you are, whenever you want via the Q-App

  • Visualize your journeys on your smartphone (Google Maps) in real time and keep a history of all your traveled routes
  • Find out the number of kilometers traveled, the time and the average and maximum speed of all your journeys

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To use our Q-App you need a Q-Subscription


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